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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, Jan. 28, 2019

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Part One

McCallum: Liberals
John McCallum is fired as Canada's ambassador to China, for his remarks about the detention of a Chinese executive, but our guest says the problem wasn't impolitic words — it was politics, period. 

Ryerson overspending
Ryerson University's student newspaper is accusing student union leaders of using credit cards like they were slush funds — revealing tens of thousands of dollars in extracurricular spending. 

Explorer's remains
A major dig in London expects to eventually exhume the remains of 40,000 people — and it's already uncovered the British explorer who first circumnavigated Australia. 

Part Two

African-American dialect
A new study finds that court reporters in Philadelphia frequently mis-transcribe the words of people speaking in African-American dialect — and in so doing, change the meaning of those words completely. 

Brianna Decker
At the NHL All-Star Skills competition, Brianna Decker beat all the men for the fastest time in the passing challenge. But a man got the prize anyway — and Ms. Decker tells us the consolation prize is that maybe the NHL will pay more attention to women's hockey now.

Part Three

Brazilian congressman
The Brazilian government is not a hospitable place for gay politicians right now. In fact, one congressman quit, and left the country, after getting death threats. The man who's taking his place knows what he's up against — but David Miranda says he'll do his best to represent Brazil's LGBTQ people. 

Neanderthal spears
Archaeologists think that Neanderthals may have had a surprisingly sophisticated hunting technique — throwing spears that could kill their prey at a distance.