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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Jan. 14, 2019

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Part One

A former FBI investigator says it would have taken more than some peculiar press conferences for his former colleagues to start investigating whether the U.S. President was working for Vladimir Putin.

The owner of Weatherspoons — a chain of British pubs — explains why he's started visiting his own establishments and button-holing his customers, trying to convince them of the benefits of a no-deal Brexit. 

Train delay scarf
Ebay bidders pay a pretty penny for a colour-coded scarf that a German commuter made as she knitted through the frustration of an exasperating year of train delays.

Part Two

Schellenberg death sentence
A Chinese court sentences a Canadian to death. And an advocate for the family says the Prime Minister should be pulling out all the stops to reverse what he calls a political reprisal. 

Disney tactile books
An Ontario couple helps expand the Mickey Mouse Club to the visually impaired as they begin digitally translating some of Walt Disney's most famous characters into images you can touch.

Part Three

Cannabis lottery
Ontario's cannabis lottery gives retail licences to some of the smaller players in the budding business. But we hear from one of the big guys, who says the independents will have to partner up, if they want to survive. 

Michelangelo painting
Jan Van Raemdonck is a pastor at the St. Ludgerus church in Zele, Belgium, suspected that one of its paintings might be a Michaelangelo. But with just days before the appraisers were set to arrive, he learned that the potential masterpiece had been stolen.