As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Jan. 7, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

Saudi woman seeks asylum in Bangkok
An 18-year-old Saudi woman's story goes global, after she flees her family, and barricades herself in a hotel room so she won't be deported home from Thailand.

Shutdown: Democrat
The government shutdown passes the two-week mark — and the Democrats and the President are no closer to a compromise on the border wall. 

Dream job follow-up
After a year travelling to 52 places in 52 weeks for the New York Times, journalist Jada Yuan provides some exposition about her expedition. 

Part Two

Jon Ronson 'Last Days of August' audible series
A feature interview with author Jon Ronson — whose investigation into the suicide of porn star August Ames got more complicated the deeper he dug. 

Part Three

Cyntoia Brown clemency
As a teenage sex worker in Tennessee, Cyntoia Brown killed a man — but after 15 years of a life sentence, the state governor has granted Ms. Brown clemency. 

Cuban crickets
If you ask for definitive answers about the sonic attacks on diplomats in Cuba, you get crickets. I mean that that the seemingly ominous sound released by U.S. authorities was — according biology grad student Alexander Stubbs — literally crickets.