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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Dec. 31, 2018
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Part One

Congo election follow-up
After an election plagued with irregularities, voters in Congo anxiously await the first results — and prepare to ring in a potentially turbulent year.
Uighur comedian missing
Adjil Mijit, a popular Uighur comedian has gone missing in China — and his family worries that authorities sent him to a re-education camp, because of his Muslim faith. 

New Horizons probe
A NASA spacecraft will celebrate the New Year in the distant reaches of our solar system — photographing a mysterious frozen rock nicknamed "Ultima Thule". 

Part Two

As it Happens New Year's Special, Part One
We say goodbye to 2018 — the year of this program's 50th anniversary — with a look back at how we've celebrated December 31st over the past half-century.

Part Three

As it Happens New Year's Special, Part Two
To mark our golden anniversary, we hear from the broadcasters who've sat in the As it Happens host chairs over five decades.