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Who Has Seen The Wind, a holiday reading by Barbara Budd

From our annual holiday readings series, former As It Happens co-host Barbara Budd reads an excerpt from Canadian author W. O. Mitchell's novel.

The former As It Happens host reads an excerpt from W. O. Mitchell's beloved novel

Barbara Budd reads an excerpt from W. O. Mitchell's novel Who Has Seen The Wind for the As It Happens annual holiday readings series. (CBC Image Archive, McClelland & Stewart)

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By now, children likely have their Christmas wishlists ready to go.

The perfect pair of skates were definitely on Brian O'Connal's list. In fact, the protagonist from W. O. Mitchell's novel Who Has Seen The Wind wanted them more than anything.

But sometimes, parents get it wrong. 

From our annual holiday reading series, here's former As It Happens co-host Barbara Budd with an excerpt from the 1947 novel about a boy coming of age on the Saskatchewan prairies.