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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Dec. 10, 2018
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Episode transcript

Part One

Racial profiling report
An unprecedented inquiry into race and policing in Toronto concludes that black people are "grossly overrepresented" in violent police interactions.

Brexit vote delay
To the dismay of MPs, British Prime Minister Theresa May delays the Brexit vote she was bound to lose — and a European court says the UK could just decide to stay, if all this is too Brexcruciating. 

Burton mittens
Toronto designer Anna-Maria Mountfort claims the snowboarding company Burton stole her design for children's mittens — and she'll tell us how this program prompted her to address the matter at hands. 

Part Two

Australian bishop
Just four months into his sentence, an Australian archbishop's conviction of concealing child sex abuse is overturned — because a judge doubts a victim's memory. 

Encore: seagull hotel
An encore presentation of our interview with a man who was banned from a Victoria hotel after his room was destroyed by seagulls who found the pepperoni in his luggage.

Part Three

Thunder Bay death
17 year-old Braiden Jacob was found dead Sunday in Thunder Bay. His family, who'd already had to leave their First Nation for counselling, are hit with a new tragedy.

Huawei fallout
China warned Canada that there would be "grave consequences" for the arrest of the CFO of the telecom giant, Huawei. Now a former ambassador to China is warning Canadians without diplomatic standing to steer clear of the crossfire. 

Lyudmila Alexeyeva obit
Over a lifetime of being governed by repressive regimes, Lyudmila Alexeyeva was never silent — regardless of the consequences. Russia's "grandmother" of human rights died over the weekend at 91.