As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, Oct. 1, 2018

Part One

USMCA: Andrew Leslie
You win some, you lose some. And how much Canada won and lost in the USMCA depends on who you ask — as you'll hear when we ask representatives of the current government, and the former government. 

USMCA: Dairy Farmer
The Liberal government is saying it's a great deal for all Canadians — but Canadian dairy farmers say it's a raw deal for them. 

Indonesia Tsunami: BBC
First an earthquake, then a tsunami — and three days later, the horrific cost of Friday's disaster in Indonesia is still not clear. 

Part Two

Kavanaugh: Ex-FBI
A former FBI official says investigators can learn plenty about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in just seven days — if the White House gives them free rein. 

USMCA: Language
A Financial Times writer angrily tweets that U-S-M-C-A is not an acronym, because you can't say it as a word, a bunch of people scramble to pronounce that scramble. 

Part Three

USMCA: Peter MacKay
NAFTA was a better name. But was it a better deal? The Conservatives say it probably was. And former Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay isn't sure Justin Trudeau is right when he says it's "a good day for Canada."

Art Theft Solved 
Twelve years ago, someone stole paintings by renowned Canadian artist Armand Tatossian from a storage locker in Montreal. Tonight, his sister tell us how she helped track them down.