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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, Sept. 10, 2018

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Part One

Ontario Premier Ford: notwithstanding clause
Just hours after a judge rules Ontario Premier Doug Ford's law cutting Toronto city council in half to be unconstitutional, Mr. Ford announces he'll invoke the Charter's "notwithstanding clause." 

Guru allegations
Multiple women accuse the guru at a Thai yoga retreat of running an abusive sex cult and our guest recalls her experience with a man whose behaviour was more manipulative than mindful. 

Astrophysicist wins Breakthrough Prize
In 1974, her male colleagues were given a Nobel for a discovery that began with her work — but now, Jocelyn Bell Burnell has won a cool 3-million U.S. for her pioneering research on pulsars. 

Part Two

Tiger hitman
An eccentric zookeeper who calls himself "Joe Exotic" is indicted for hiring hitmen to kill a Jane Doe in Florida — and a woman who runs a big cat sanctuary tells us she was the target. 

Gold find
Miners working for a Canadian company in Western Australia discover a motherlode of gold — including one giant rock containing more than two thousand ounces of the stuff. 

Part Three

Google: China 
As part of our 50th anniversary programming, we revisit As It Happens's coverage of the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 — and ask what role tech companies like Google should play in preventing China from scrubbing that history from the web.

Egypt sentencings
A Cairo court has sentenced 75 people to death and more than 600 to prison. The defendants were rounded up back in 2013, when security forces violently dispersed protests supporting former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.