As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, Sept. 3, 2018

Part One

National Museum of Brazil fire
200 years to gather 20 million artifacts. One night to destroy everything. The National Museum of Brazil is consumed by fire -- and its deputy director says government neglect is to blame. 

Myanmar journalists verdict
Two Reuters journalists were investigating a mass grave, but they were the ones thrown in jail -- and today, they were found guilty. 

Wagner radio
Israeli Public Radio apologizes after playing part of a famous piece by Richard Wagner, a favourite of the Nazis -- but our guest says the apology itself is a sorry situation. 

Part Two

McCain legacy
Since his death, and during his funeral on Saturday, people have talked about the late Senator John McCain almost exclusively in glowing terms -- but tonight, one contrary journalist casts a shadow. 

Fastpitch brawl
Two teams have a bench-clearing brawl in the very first inning of a playoff game at the Fastpitch National Championship -- so what caused the barely-pitched battle? 

Part Three

Malaysian women caned
Amnesty International called it, quote, "a terrible day for LGBTI rights, and indeed human rights, in Malaysia." Today in that country, an officer caned two women. It comes after an Islamic court convicted them of attempting to have sexual relations with each other. 

Cannabis & pregnancy study
Marijuana will be legal soon, but a new report says think twice before smoking up if you're pregnant or nursing.