As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, Aug. 6, 2018

Part One

Saudi Arabia: Amnesty
Why the case of Samar Badawi prompted public criticism from Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister — which prompted the expulsion of Canada's ambassador from Riyadh. 

Saudi Arabia: Expert
Canadian officials speak out after a women's rights activist is arrested in Saudi Arabia — and that handful of critical tweets is met with a powerful slap by Saudi authorities. 

Penticton Peach
In 1991, a riot after an MC Hammer concert in Penticton, BC ended with a giant peach-shaped concession stand in the lake — and now its new owners hope their friendly call for reconciliation bears fruit. 

Part Two

Venezuela Drone Attack
Two drones filled with explosives were the weapons in an alleged assassination attempt on Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro — and our guest says she saw this kind of stealth airborne attack coming. 

InfoWars Dropped 
He rose to prominence spreading spreading lies and conspiracy theories, but now things are looking down for Alex Jones — after his programs are dropped by Apple, YouTube, Spotify, and Facebook.