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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, July 30, 2018

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Part One

California Fires
Relentless high temperatures have meant an explosion of wildfires across the state of California — one of which consumed our guest's home, leaving little more than the foundation. 

Zimbabwe Election
With today's election, Zimbabwe leaves behind the Robert Mugabe era — but a human rights lawyer in Harare warns that, even without the strongman, there's still a lot to worry about. 

Kangaroo Intruder
When a kangaroo burst into a home in Melbourne, Australia, the residents called our guest — a wildlife rescuer who had to serve as a bouncer for the bouncer.

Part Two

Mai Skaf Obit
She believed peace would return — but didn't live to see it. After the death of Syrian actress Mai Skaf — who spoke out against Assad, and fled the country — a colleague remembers a woman who risked everything for her homeland. 

Tree Saved 
Toronto City Council has approved a plan to buy a North York house in order to save what could be the city's oldest tree — which is a great relief to the woman who considers herself that tree's Lorax.