As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, June 11, 2018

Part One

G7 Trade: U.K.
After U.S. President Donald Trump's G7 blowup, a former UK ambassador to Washington warns that the post-war world order could be replaced by disorder. 

North Korea Summit
After that disastrous summit, President Trump prepares to sit down with Kim Jong-Un — and a former U.S. negotiator worries about what he'll put on the table. 

Comic Book Thesis
After she becomes the first Canadian to publish her master's thesis in the form of a comic book, we'll get the graphic details from the art teacher who literally drew some fascinating conclusions. 

Part Two

Afghan Grad Attack
After she was shot during an attack on the American University of Afghanistan, Breshna Musazi didn't give up — and just two years later, she's graduated. 

EU Copyright Vote
Next week, the European Union will update its 17-year-old copyright rules — but our guest warns one of the proposed changes could destroy the Internet as we know it. 

Part Three

Spain Migrant Ship
Italy won't let a migrant ship loaded with 600 passengers dock — but Spain says it will accept the "Aquarius". We'll speak with the ship's search-and-rescue coordinator, about how the people on the ship are coping during the diplomatic dispute. 

King Bust Found 
Archaeologists are puzzled about a bust of a king from the Biblical era. They say it's an exquisite rendering of a monarch who ruled in the Levant in 9th century BC — they just aren't sure which one.