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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, June 4, 2018
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Part One

Guatemala Volcano: Witness and Expert
People were taking pictures of a volcano in Guatemala when it suddenly erupted a stream of molten rock and gas — burying a town, and killing dozens. 

Kathleen Wynne Reaction
Although Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne says she decided to concede defeat just days before the Ontario election to help members of her party, an awful lot of them are just feeling hurt. 

Falling Poop
If you're disturbed by the idea of human waste showering your car, our guest feels even more strongly than you do — because it happened to her, while she was driving with her son — with the sunroof open. 

Part Two

Isle of Man Race
Two racers have already died in this year's notorious motorcycling event on the Isle of Man — but even fans who've lost family members in the past say it should continue. 

Hep C Baby Boomers
 If you were born between 1945 and 1975, doctors want you to get checked for hepatitis C — because a surprisingly high percentage of people don't even know they carry it. 

Part Three

Digital License Plates
In California, the "in" thing is the digital  license plate: a high-tech gizmo that has the big letters and numbers on it — but can also be easily tracked, and even show ads! If that sounds problematic, our guest — who works at the only place that makes them — will tell you why it isn't. 

Warbler Birder
He travelled nearly a thousand kilometres from New York state to Quebec for a glimpse of a few migrating birds — and he's absolutely overjoyed by what he saw.