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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, March 12, 2018
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Part One

UK Spy: MP
British Prime Minister Theresa May says it is highly likely that Russia is behind the poisoning of a former spy and now she's demanding an explanation from the Kremlin.

Tree Well Skier Deaths
"Camouflaged death traps." The death of a friend prompts an Alberta skier to raise the alarm about tree wells — a hidden danger that comes with the joy of skiing amongst trees.  

Belgium Flag
The Governor General welcomes the Belgian King and Queen to Canada — then one keen-eyed royal watcher flagged an embarrassing error about his country's flag. 

Part Two

Camp X-Ray
The US military says its time to scrap the first instalment of its Guantanamo Bay detention facility but a New York academic wants it preserved as a memorial to what happened there.

Suzanne Ciani
Fresh from judging the contestants, American composer and electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani describes what it takes to win a competition to create the musical instrument of the future.

Part Three

Doug Ford: Frank Klees
A die-hard Doug Ford supporter and former MPP says Ontario's new PC  leader is ready to step out from his late brother's political shadow to put an end to the Liberals' dominance in the province. 

Doug Ford: Robyn Doolittle
Robyn Doolittle had a front-row seat covering Rob Ford's wild ride as Toronto's Mayor. Now his brother Doug has taken over as the leader of Ontario's opposition and she has no doubt that he's on his way to becoming Premier of Ontario.

Fake Desk
The writing desk was more than sturdy — it was said to be a rare Civil War heirloom and it sold for tens of thousands of dollars. But the story of its origins was flimsy — and now the man who created the fake has confessed.