As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, Jan. 15, 2018
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Part One

Maskwacis Suicides
A First Nation in Alberta sends out a cry for help, after at least nine people kill themselves in less than one month — and as a local mental health worker tells us, his phone won't stop ringing. 

Homeless Meals
In a San Diego suburb, you're now breaking the law if you break bread with homeless people — and our guest is one of the activists given citations for sharing food in a local park. 

New Jersey Maps Town
Traffic apps have been saving drivers time by diverting them through a New Jersey town — so local authorities have taken drastic measures to save their streets from dire straits. 

Part Two

Manitoba Refugee House
Yet another asylum-seeker suffers severe frostbite crossing from the U.S. into Manitoba — and the woman who's helping house him explains what he's been through, and the challenges still to come. 

Maine Shed
Some people ought to shed their inhibitions. But residents of one Maine town ought to have inhibited their shed — because the historic building has caused a cross-border spat, after a blizzard blew it into Canada. 

Part Three

Father Emmett Johns Obit
A former runaway in Montreal says she might not be alive without the help of the late Father Emmett Johns, and the street mission he set up in a Winnebago. 

Charles M. Schulz Franklin Character 
She was frank — so he was Franklin. Fifty years ago, Charles Schulz introduced the first and only black character to readers of the Peanuts comic strip. We'll reach the woman who urged him to do that.