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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, Dec. 11, 2017
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Episode transcript

Part One

Site C: Andrew Weaver
Over the strenuous objections of environmentalists, Indigenous leaders, and landowners, the BC government announces that the Site C hydroelectric dam will go ahead. 

Alabama Vote
Despite multiple accusations that he dated and sexually assaulted teenage girls, evangelicals overwhelmingly support Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore — and our guest says that's just wrong. 

Penny Rounding 
A UBC student is roundly praised for rounding up evidence that grocery stores have rounded Canadians out of a big chunk of change since we ditched the one-cent coin. 

Part Two

Jerusalem: Tzipi Livni
​Exactly zero EU member states agree that Jerusalem should be named the capital of Israel — but the country's former foreign affairs minister, Tzipi Livni, believes it presents new opportunities for peace. 

Climate Pollution
Climate scientist Peter Kalmus declines a invitation to a science conference out of concern for his carbon footprint — and regrets that other researchers won't send their regrets as well. 

Part Three

Site C: Farmer
The BC government's decision to go ahead with the Site C hydroelectric dam was not an easy one, according to Premier John Horgan. But if it was tough for the Premier, it'll be tougher for farmer Ken Boon — who stands to lose his property. 

Polar Bear Update
A video of a starving polar bear has sparked a global conversation about the effects of climate change — but an Inuit polar bear monitor tells us the state of that animal isn't necessarily linked to the state of the climate.