As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, Nov. 13, 2017

Episode transcript

Part One

Yemen Blockade
The far-reaching crisis in Yemen deepens after a coalition led by Saudi Arabia closes the country's borders — and even if the blockade is eased, the tension won't be. 

Roy Moore Allegations
After more sexual misconduct allegations against Senate candidate Roy Moore today, GOP leaders retract their endorsements — but Republican voters in Alabama won't. 

Yukon Bartender
There's a job opportunity for a bartender way up near the Arctic Circle, at a remote hotel with a ghost — so come winter, it'll kind of be like you're in The Shining, but in the dark. 

Part Two

Earthquake Iran and Iraq
A powerful earthquake near the Iran-Iraq border kills hundreds of people and injures thousands — and leaves tens of thousands of people without shelter.  

Churchill Omnitrax Deadline
After a deadline comes and goes, the federal government gears up to sue an American company for failing to fix the railway to Churchill, Manitoba — the northern community's lifeline.

Part Three

Tom Wilson Feature Interview
After being raised in a house of secrets and silence, musician Tom Wilson finally discovered the truth about himself — and tonight, he joins Carol to talk about his new memoir, Beautiful Scars.