As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, Oct. 23, 2017
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Part One

Bill Browder
For years, Bill Browder has been lobbying governments to place sanctions on Russia for the death of Sergei Magnitsky — and now, Russia is out to make problems for Mr. Browder. 

Equifax hack: Canadian victim
As a reporter, Robin Harvey helped consumers understand the issues — but when her own data was compromised in the Equifax hack, she found herself at a loss. 

Dead trends cemetery  
New York teacher Michael Fry's front-yard Hallowe'en display is a graveyard for the latest things that became just the late things: it's a cemetery for the trends that went from cool to cold. 

Part Two

Doug Racine
Saskatchewan lawyer Doug Racine raised concerns with the provincial law society about the way some members are treating residential school survivors — and he says he's still waiting for a response.

Sweating blood
When an unnamed Italian woman is perspiring, it looks like she's expiring — and tonight, we'll hear the gory details of her frustratingly rare condition: her hands and face sweat blood. 

Part Three

Neruda death
In examining the remains of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, researchers find no evidence of the official cause of death, which was prostate cancer — and now they're turning their focus to what did kill him. 

China Congress
We now know what didn't kill Pablo Neruda: cancer. So why was it listed as the Chilean poet's official cause of death? If you're suspicious, you're not alone. And now, forensic scientists are trying to determine how Mr. Neruda really died — and they're already investigating one clue in particular.