As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, Sept. 18, 2017

Episode transcript

Part One

Hurricane Maria: Tortola resident
Irma left the British Virgin Island of Tortola in ruins — and before storm-weary residents can recover, Maria is set to arrive on the island tomorrow. 

'Narcos' death
When a location scout for the Netflix series "Narcos" went to Mexico, he was shot to death — raising questions the show's producers haven't answered. 

Old canoe
A dugout canoe was buried at the bottom of a Florida lagoon, possibly for centuries — until Hurricane Irma scooped it up and left it on dry land for a local beachcomber to find. 

Part Two

Liver transplant
Because an Ontario man has only been sober two-and-a-half months instead of six, he's not eligible for a liver transplant — so he's going to court to fight for an injunction. 

'Lemonade' punk band
The guitarist from Ottawa punk band Zex goes on the record about being on Beyoncé's record — after a pressing mishap puts their songs on the A-side of Beyoncé's magnum opus.

Part Three

Tax plan doctor
Not all doctors are opposed to the Liberal government's tax reform plan: ER physician Dr. Hasan Sheikh explains why he thinks he and his colleagues have a responsibility to pay up. 

Hot meteor
Researchers say they've discovered the hottest rock ever recorded on the surface of the Earth. It reached peak temperatures after an asteroid crashed into Labrador tens of millions of years ago.