As It Happens

As it Happens: Monday Edition

As it Happens: Monday Edition

Episode transcript

Part One

Eclipse Kentucky
In a small Kentucky town, thousands gathered to view the solar eclipse — but some will be scanning the skies all night, because this is the anniversary of a day when aliens are said to have paid a visit. 

Loon Lake BC
After being forced out by wildfires more than a month ago, our guest — a resort owner whose husband has been fighting the fires — tells us how relieved she is to return home. 

Big Ben MP
London's Big Ben clangs for the last time before four years of renovations — and a British MP believes that when the giant clock snoozes, his country loses. 

Part Two

Patrick O'Flaherty obit
Remembering Patrick O'Flaherty, who knew more, and wrote more, about the history of Newfoundland than anyone else — and whose work was both inspired and inspiring. 

Utrecht bike garage
Cyclists in Utrecht, The Netherlands, have pedaled their influence to a big, convenient breakthrough: the world's largest underground garage for bikes.