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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, July 31, 2017

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Part One

The Mooch is out
After a tumultuous and surprisingly profane week-and-a-half as the White House Communications Director, Antony Scaramucci is out. 

Sam Shepard obit
The late playwright Sam Shepard helped invent a new kind of American theatre by exploring one of the oldest subjects of all: the tangled and torturous relationships between blood relations. 

Snooty statute
A thing of Snooty is a joy forever. At least, that's the reasoning of a Florida man who wants to replace a local monument to Confederate soldiers with a monument to a late, beloved manatee named Snooty.  

Part Two

Venezuela vote
The results of yesterday's controversial vote in Venezuela is being called "a sham" by Washington and now the U.S. has placed new sanctions on the country's president. 

Aleppo zoo
After years trapped in a zoo in Aleppo, Syria, amid bombings and crossfire, thirteen animals are rescued — and transported to Turkey for care.