As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, June 19, 2017

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Part One

Portugal fire
It began with a lightning strike, and with the help of heat and high winds, it's become the worst forest fire in Portugal's history — an enormous inferno that our guest was lucky to survive. 

Highway of Tears bus
At long last, regular public transit is available along the Highway of Tears in Northern BC — and our guest, whose cousin went missing on that road more than 20 years ago, says it's a victory for her family. 

Irish babies
A tiny Irish seaside village of around 550 acquires 30 loud, unruly new citizens in the space of just 10 months — and one new mother attempts to explain the surprising baby boom. 

Part Two

Finsbury Park attack
Just after midnight, someone drove a van into a group of Muslims leaving a mosque in North London; we'll speak with a man who arrived just after the terrorist attack. 

Julius Caesar play
They came to bury "Caesar", not to praise it. Protesters disrupt a New York production of the Shakespearean tragedy, claiming it glamourizes violence against the right — but our guest says they should have watched the whole thing. 

Part Three

Naval collision
Veteran merchant marine captain Sean Tortora says it looks like the United States destroyer the USS Fitzgerald allowed itself to be T-boned in an accident with a cargo ship that killed 7 sailors over the weekend. 

Math line
When a math professor sees a sign in a Connecticut deli prohibiting customers from talking about math in line, she initiates an investigation into an act of calculated discrimination.