As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, May 29, 2017

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Part One

BC Election
After weeks of negotiations following a tight election, British Columbia's Green Party announces it's teaming up with the provincial NDP to bring down the Liberals. 

Conservative Leadership: Trost
The Conservative Party chooses Andrew Scheer as its new leader, but the socially conservative Brad Trost had a strong showing — and tonight, he'll hold forth about coming fourth. 

Luke Doucet 
On Saturday night, Luke Doucet cut a dashing figure playing a concert — and on Sunday morning, he literally dashed to a top-thirty finish in an Ottawa half-marathon. 

Part Two

Merkel EU
American President Donald Trump declares his trip to Europe "a great success for America" — but for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, it apparently proved the European Union can no longer depend on the U.S. as an ally.

Boxer injury
  A championship bout leaves a New Brunswick boxer with a major brain injury — and while his opponent says he tried to have the fight stopped, he also says it's just part of the sport. 

Part Three

Wapekeka report
It's called "Jordan's Principle". It says that First Nations children should be able to receive the same services as everyone else, immediately, regardless of any disputes about who's going to pay. And the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal says the federal government is not yet following that principle. 

Green crabs
They're ferocious, sideways-walking cannibals with a taste for baby lobsters. And tragically, they're not delicious. We'll talk to a scientist who's trying to figure out how to fight an invasion of green crabs in Newfoundland. 

Flag penny 
A Hamilton research engineer uses his common sense — well, one cent, anyway — as a tiny canvas for an even tinier, three-dimensional carving of a Canadian flag.