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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, May 22, 2017

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Part One

Everest deaths
Four people die in one weekend on Mount Everest — and climber Alan Arnette says that if you've been to the summit, you wouldn't be at all surprised. 

Baking soda shortage
It may be a staple on your kitchen shelf but an Alabama pharmacists says hospitals there are running out of baking soda and without it patients lives will be left at risk. 

Queen Victoria's underpants 
An ode to Canada's late exalted monarch from a Torontonian whose collection of all things Queen Victoria includes a pair of her majesty's monogrammed underpants. 

Part Two

Harvard rap thesis
Harvard student Obasi Shaw submits a hip hop album as his final thesis and the student-rapper says his academic stylings came at the suggestion of none other than MC-mom.   

Baseball announcer 
Bryce Weiler tells us how he built a successful career as a baseball colour commentator even though his eyes can't see the home runs he so ably describes.

Part Three

Nigeria inequality
In a new report, Oxfam says the combined wealth of the five richest men in the country could lift nearly all Nigerians out of extreme poverty for a whole year. And corruption in the country is making the problem even worse. 

Apple pizza box 
Think different was Apple's campaign slogan for many years. But they're also thinking inside the box — specifically, the kind that holds pizza. Scott Wiener, an avid pizza box collector, dishes on Apple's new design.