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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, April 10, 2017

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Part One

Vimy historian
The Prime Minister remembers the Battle of Vimy Ridge as Canada's coming-of-age moment, but one historian says the reality was too brutal to be turned into a convenient patriotic myth. 

Egypt church attacks
Dozens are killed when ISIS targets two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday. I'll speak with someone whose relative survived the attacks. 

Emmy-nominated 'Billions' actor Asia Kate Dillon
The Emmys give out acting awards under the categories of "actor" and "actress" — but Asia Kate Dillon, the gender non-binary actor on the show "Billions", is shaking things up. 

Part Two

Anti lunch-shaming law
In some states, students are publicly shamed when they're unable to pay for a meal — but New Mexico's new law sets out to un-make a mockery of kids' inability to afford lunch. 

James Blunt in the office
A Swedish marketing agency issues a stark challenge: if you want a job, you'll have to convince our staff they want to hear the latest album by bleating British singer-songwriter James Blunt. 

Part Three

Retired EPA worker
After 25 years, our guest retires from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — and on his way out, he has some strong words about the dangerous climate change inside the Agency itself. 

Rosa Parks home
In the late '50s, Rosa Parks lived in a house in Detroit. And now, that house is smack-dab in the back yard of an artist who lives in Berlin, Germany.