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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, March 27, 2017

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Part One

Navalny arrest
Tens of thousands of Russians take to the streets to protest corruption, and hundreds are arrested on the charge of "illegal provocation" — including opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and our guest. 

Sinixt First Nation update
One man's legal battle ends with the official resurrection of a people — now that a BC court has declared that the Sinixt First Nation is very much alive after all. 

Most annoying sound
An auditory researcher in Virginia exercises sound judgment in creating with what may be the most annoying sound ever — a grating shriek intended to save you from a head-on collision. 

Part Two

Tractor hacking
If you buy a so-called "smart tractor," you're locked into a restrictive contract that makes repairs prohibitively expensive — so some desperate D-I-Y farmers are resorting to buying hacked software. 

From Our Archives: Frum & hostage taking
To mark the anniversary of the death of legendary "As It Happens" host Barbara Frum, we'll air her 1977 interview with a hostage-taker — and one of his captives. 

Part Three

Grabher town
An Austrian mayor is shocked that a Nova Scotia man's name was deemed too offensive to put on a license plate — because in his town, someone with the last name "Grabher" is always within arm's reach. 

Spinach heart tissue
We know spinach is good for us. We didn't know — or most of us didn't — that you could grow heart tissue on it. Now we know that you can, you probably want to find out how and why.