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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, March 13, 2017

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Part One

Girl Guides
Girl Guides of Canada won't be needing tour guides of America — because the organization has just announced all trips south of the border are suspended, due to the travel ban. 

Turkey Netherlands spat
With both countries facing critical votes, a war of words erupts between Turkey and the Netherlands — and one Turkish government MP adds some withering bon mots of her own. 

Hacksaw Ridge
As a child in Japan, he found grisly artifacts on the grounds of his school — and now, a BC man has discovered that school sat on the site of a horrific Second World War battle — a piece of land called Hacksaw Ridge. 

Part Two

The enormous toll on the smallest people. It's been six years since the civil war began in Syria — and UNICEF says more children were killed there last year than ever before. 

Scotland MP 
Less than three years after Scotland voted against independence, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says her country would rather stay in the EU than stay in the U.K. — so she's planning another referendum. 

Part Three

Richard Wagamese obit
We pay tribute to a man who wrote newspaper columns, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction — and made revealing hard truths seem easy. An encore presentation of Carol's conversation with the late Richard Wagamese.

Goya etchings 
You find an old ledger, you open it. But you don't expect a bunch of etchings by Goya to be in there. Why would they be? Well, we don't know, but they were. And now, those etchings are going to auction with a starting price in the high six digits.