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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, February 13th 2017

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Part One

Trudeau/Trump meeting
Everything seemed mighty neighbourly today as Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump met for the first time in Washington — but a shared stage doesn't mean shared policy. 

Cross-border student trips cancelled
Given its proximity to the U.S., Windsor students usually take lots of field trips Stateside — but for now, because of the travel ban, all American visits are off. 

Hairless terrier
For the first time, the Westminster Dog Show will allow a breed of hairless canine to compete — and we'll speak the owner of one of this year's bold, bald pioneers. 

Part Two

Drive-by shooting recovery
In December of 2015, Brenda Hill was hit by that bullet while lying in bed. She's still suffering as a result. And now, she's learned that the Edmonton Police are closing their investigation — so she may never find out who was responsible. 

Rare books heist
A rare-book dealer is stunned when some of his wares are stolen, in a heist that involved thieves rappelling into a warehouse to avoid alarms. 

Part Three

Syrian radio
No music, and no women's voices on the radio: two rules laid down by extremists in Idlib, Syria. Activist Raed Fares, the station manager of Radio Fresh FM in Kafranbal, says he's going out of his way to comply with those ridiculous rules — in the most ridiculous way possible.

WWII plane restoration
Six Alberta farmers have spent years fixing up a Second World War-era plane, to the point where it might just fly. 

Cycling polluted cities
Scientists say 13 cities around the world have become so polluted that cycling is worse for your health than staying home.