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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, January 30, 2017

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Part One

Quebec City mosque killings: mosque member
A gunman's attack on a mosque has left six people dead and several others in critical condition. A member of the mosque, who lost two friends, shares his grief and his fear.

Quebec City mosque killings: Conservative MP
"Humanity's ugliest face." That's how a Quebec MP describes the attack, calling it an act of terrorism. And he's urging all Canadians to reach out to members of the Muslim community to express their solidarity.

Quebec City mosque killings: Ralph Goodale
Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale tries to reassure the Muslim community that law enforcement is doing all it can to bring the killer to justice — and to keep them safe.
Part Two

US ban: Syrian in NYC
A Syrian student in New York is crushed to learn of the U.S. travel ban on Syrian refugees. It means her mother and her sister's plans to join her in the United States are in jeopardy. And now, she says, they are considering seeking asylum in Canada.

US ban: airport detentions
As people in transit get caught up in the chaos of U.S. President Trump's new restrictions, legal advocates head to airports across the United States to try to help those stuck in limbo.

Part Three

Netherlands abortion
Canada has promised to help fill the gap left by Donald Trump's order for the US to withdraw funding from aid groups that offer abortion related services.  Dutch MEP Paul Tang is trying to drum up more international support for the effort. 

US ban: Iranian at Harvard
This weekend, an Iranian scientist living in Switzerland tried to board a plane to Massachusetts to begin a new job at Harvard. But, because of the new U.S. travel restrictions, she was barred from boarding her flight. She explains why she's still hopeful she'll get to the States.

US ban: Conservative supporter 
A defender of the Trump administration's move to block citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations admits the plan could have been better implemented, but argues it will ultimately make his country safer.