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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, January 16, 2017

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Part One

Ethics probe: Mulcair
The PM says he's happy to chat with the Ethics Commissioner about his chopper trip to the Aga Khan's private island — but NDP leader Tom Mulcair says Mr. Trudeau should be grounded for breaking the law. 

Congress boycott
More and more Democrats announce they'll be boycotting Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday — and tonight, Congressman Barbara Lee explains why she won't be there. 

Animal farts
Soon, we'll all know for sure whether it's fair to blame various creatures for various odours — because scientists are creating a comprehensive database of which animals pass gas and which do not. 

Part Two

Freedom bus
President Obama announces an official commemoration of the firebombing of a bus full of "Freedom Riders" in Alabama in 1961 — and we'll speak with a survivor of that attack. 

Amazon book 
An Ontario teacher goes online to replace a missing book with a used copy — but when it's delivered, she finds she's had firsthand experience with that secondhand book. 

Part Three

Apartheid reserve system
A coroner's inquest ruled that five suicides in a remote Quebec Innu community could have been prevented, if it weren't for what he calls the "apartheid system" that many Aboriginal communities live within. 

Ruby sea dragon
What it lacks in dragon-ness, it makes up for in ruby-ness. The ruby sea dragon isn't much on attacking ships or breathing fire. But it is bright red and beautiful, and it's real — and our guest has seen one in the wild for the very first time.