As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, December 26, 2016

Part One

Israel/UN: Levy
Benjamin Netanyahu continues to blast Barack Obama over a UN resolution condemning settlements, but former peace negotiator Daniel Levy says the Israeli Prime Minister has only himself to blame.

Former Rockette
One of Radio City Music Hall's former Rockettes says that while some of the highstepping performers would sooner skip Donald Trump's inauguration, it will be hard for them to step out of line.

George Michael Obit
George Michael's friend and former publicist pays tribute to the singer as a gay icon whose battle to simply be himself, inspired Faith.

Part Two

Wawa Goose
Wawa, Ontario scores a hundred thousand bucks worth of taxpayer cash, and a local official explains why they're blowing it on a big new steel goose. 

Reading: Bone Button Borscht
Our listeners demand and we deliver a Hannukah classic. Begin with a hungry beggar, then stir in the inimitable voice of the great Barbara Budd, and you've got the recipe for 'Bone, Button Borscht.' 

Part Three

As It Happened: The Research Edition
The Boxing Day edition of As It Happened inspects the shows archives for evidence of innovation in all types of research.