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As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, November 7, 2016
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Part One

Florida Latino vote
Election Day is tomorrow, but Latino voters have already turned out in unprecedented numbers in Florida — and I'll speak with a woman who's been helping galvanize those voters. 

Delhi smog
As toxic air pollution continues to blanket Delhi, India, a million children are told to stay home from school. 

"Mazel Tov" cocktail
After a Trump spokesperson erroneously refers to a "mazel tov cocktail," we're both shaken and stirred — so we call a Jewish restaurateur to find out how he would whip one up. 

Part Two

Susan B. Anthony grave
Tomorrow, the United States may elect a woman president for the first time — and Rochester, New York is making it easier for people to pay tribute at the grave of suffragette Susan B. Anthony. 

Laos reunion
Nearly 40 years ago, a missionary brought two boys from Laos to their refugee parents here in Canada — and now, one of those full-grown boys has reunited with the guy who reunited his family.  

Part Three

Plea deal voter
Sentences rarely begin with an "X." But it will for a Tennessee man who's going to prison for his role in a botched robbery. Reginald Albright explains why his plea deal included a clause allowing him to vote before he serves his time. 

Bird watcher
An Ontario man was mocked for mis-identifying a Baltimore Oriole. At least, until a shocking twist revealed he was right and the mockers were wrong. "Shocking" might be an exaggeration. Also "twist" might be.