As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, October 17, 2016
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Part One

RCMP Harassment Lawsuit
The RCMP offers compensation to women on the force who have been harassed. One Mountie who is suing for abuse while serving on the Musical Ride is still waiting. 

Muskrat Hunger Striker
After police charge nine protesters at Muskrat Falls, we hear from hunger-striking artist Billy Gauthier who says his death would only be the first if the power project is allowed to flood their land.

Part Two

Amy Goodman Charges
A North Dakota judge dismissed the idea of charging Amy Goodman with rioting over the host of Democracy Now!'s coverage of a pipeline protest.  

Bottle Flipping Mom
A New Jersey mom says she's had enough of his obsession with tossing the things in the air in the hopes that they land just so. 

Part Three

Bipedal Bear Killed
After an injury to his front paws, Pedals learned to make his way through New Jersey's woods on just two legs, but when the state started issuing bear hunting licences, the upright animal didn't stand a chance. 

Russian Separatist Assassinated
His nom-de-guerre was Motorola, and the bomb that killed Russian separatist leader Arsen Pavlov has dialed up the tensions in Ukraine and beyond.