As It Happens

As It Happens - Monday Edition

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Part One

Venezuela food shortage
Venezuelans are looting and rioting -- and as the country's already-disastrous food shortage gets worse, so does the frustration and civil unrest.

Orlando funeral angel
To protect mourners from a hate group, members of an Orlando theatre group dress up as angels, and attend the funerals of people murdered in the mass shooting. 

Nose competition
When the reigning champ returned to defend his title at Germany's World Nose Championship, his reputation preceded him -- and his nose preceded that by some distance. 

Part Two

Brexit voice
With the Brexit vote imminent, one British dairy farmer says his family is split on the issue -- even though his farm stands to lose thousands in subsidies. 

Cleveland NBA win
For the first time in more than half a century, a Cleveland sports team wins a national championship -- and no one's happier than the women in the LeBron James Grandmothers' Fan Club. 

Part Three

Oakland police
Oakland's police department is in chaos. Three chiefs have come and gone in ten days. A shocking sex scandal has been followed by a scandal involving racist texts. We'll find out what's being done to restore order to a force that's supposed to keep order. 

Dissolve the dead
An Ontario funeral home uses a new method of disposing of human remains, and it involves dissolving. Sounds disturbing, maybe -- but if you're committed to the environment, it's the perfect dissolution.