As It Happens

As It Happens, Monday Edition

Monday, April 25th, 2016
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Part One

Canadian hostage killed
Today, after a ransom deadline passed, Canadian John Ridsdel was found dead in the Philippines. Bob Rae -- who was negotiating for his release -- remembers his late friend. 

Abbotsford teacher
A B.C. woman is forced to change her status to "heavily fined", after the provincial Supreme Court rules she defamed her neighbour on social media. 

Australia fracking river
An Australian MP makes a dramatic statement against fracking by setting a local river on fire. But the company doing the drilling says the gas is a natural occurrence. 

Part Two

Your Ward News
A free newsletter full of racism and misogyny keeps showing up at homes in Toronto -- and now a lawyer has filed a human-rights complaint to make Canada Post stop delivering it. 

Norway giant cod
People on a small Norwegian island can't stop reeling in giant cod. And custom dictates that our guest -- the local newspaper's cod correspondent -- must give everyone who catches one a certificate, and some coffee. 

Part Three

Duffy follow-up: Duff Conacher
Democracy Watch founder Duff Conacher Is looking at former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office. And he says it's time for an investigation of what was going on at the top. 

Marathon too short
A British student set a world record for finishing a marathon on a pogo stick, only to find he'd come up short -- because whoever measured the course did, too.  

Papa Wemba obit
Grammy Award-winning singer Angelique Kidjo shares her memories of the king of Congolese rumba, the late Papa Wemba.