As It Happens

As It Happens - Monday Edition

Monday March 28, 2016

Part One

Lahore attack
A report from Lahore on the embattled group of terrorists believed to be behind yesterday's deadly attack and the failures that kept them from taking even more lives. 

Preventive arrest
Police arrest a former engineering student using Canada's new fear of terrorism powers, but a professor who's been monitoring the young man says his Twitter feed showed no cause for alarm.

Prairie dog study
Not so cute and cuddly. A new study shows prairie dogs are killing baby ground squirrels in a horrifying, brutal fashion.

Part Two

Palmyra antiquities
Bashar al-Assad pushes ISIS from the ancient city of Palmyra, and one Syrian archaeologist weighs in on how much of the UNESCO heritage site might have made it through war, looting and willful destruction. 

Saskatchewan bridge fire 
A Saskatchewan man is saying sorry to anyone who will listen after accidentally setting fire to his community's historic railway bridge. But now the police have opened a case. 

Part Three

Micah White feature interview
Micah White may have been the spark behind the Occupy Movement but in his new book, The End of Protest, White argues that activists must rewrite the revolutionary playbook.