As It Happens

As It Happens, Monday Edition

Monday, March 7th, 2016
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Part One

Turkey crack down
A week ago, Turkey's Zaman was independent and critical of the president — but after a police raid and a change of oversight, it's suddenly a pro-government cheerleader. 

Scuba nuclear accident
In the middle of a routine underwater expedition, a scuba diver is sucked into the intake pipe of a nuclear power plant in Florida -- and survives to file a lawsuit. 

Crossword plagiarism
Our guest is one of the crossword fans who discovered a puzzling pattern of plagiarism by one big-time editor — which, if true, place that editor squarely in the wrong. 

Part Two

Sharapova drugs
Our guest says tennis player Maria Sharapova's failed drug test at the Australian Open was an honest mistake. 

Mustard pickles discontinued
Imagine finding out that your two favourite brands of mustard pickles, Zest and Habitant, were being discontinued. Now you know how the people of Newfoundland and Labrador feel today. 

Part Three

Jacob Sheep to Israel
The Jacob Sheep, a heirloom breed thought to be direct descendants of sheep belonging to the biblical figure Jacob, are being sent home to Israel. 

Syria hill archaeologist
An American archaeologist spent years excavating a historically significant hill in Syria — but since the war began, he's only been able to watch its devastation from a safe distance. 

Brazil scandal
For months now, a vast kickback scandal has been unfolding in Brazil, reaching all the way to the current president's office. And last week, it reached the former president, Lula da Silva, who was detained by police for questioning.