As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, February 29th 2016

Part One

Charles Smith exoneration
Twenty-five years ago, the erroneous testimony of pathologist Charles Smith led an Ontario woman to plead guilty to killing her three-year-old stepdaughter — but today, her conviction was quashed. 

Parking spot lawsuit
Their job is to save parking spots for big-budget film crews in New York. And now, these "parking production assistants" have launched a lawsuit alleging exploitation and low wages. 

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy wins her second Academy Award for her latest documentary — a film that persuaded Pakistan's Prime Minister to strengthen laws against "honour killings." 

Part Two

Super Tuesday pundit
At the beginning, Donald Trump seemed like a fringe candidate, but with Super Tuesday imminent, the man and his fringe are still at the top of the polls — to the bafflement of some Republicans. 

Blind salamanders 
A rare, weird salamander has laid eggs in a cave in Slovenia — raising hopes, and fears, that similarly disgusting, but smaller, salamanders will soon burst forth. 

Part Three

Charlotte trans washroom
Charlotte, North Carolina votes to allow transgender people to use the bathrooms of their choice, but the state governor vows to put a stop to it. 

Iran arrest
An 80 year-old dual US-Iranian citizen was arrested last week in Tehran — and now it's believed he's in the same prison as his son, who was arrested in October. A friend of the family tries to make sense of it all.

Cuba rum flap
A new ruling will allow Cuba to sell Havana Club rum in the U.S. — prompting a dark and stormy rebuttal from Bacardi.