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Ryan Reynolds smuggles apple pies

Why is Ryan Reynolds crossing the border with a car full of pies? And, what Vancouver bakery is selling the smuggle-worthy deliciousness?
Ryan Reynolds recently admitted that he smuggled pie from a mystery Vancouver bakery across the US border. (Darren Calabrese/CP/AP)

As an A-list actor, Ryan Reynolds probably gets to dine at some of the fanciest restaurants in the world. But, for him, nothing beats the food from his hometown of Vancouver — especially the pies. Turns out he'll do anything to get them.

Reynolds spoke about his love for pies during a recent interview on the British talk show The Graham Norton Show, where he was joined by fellow actors Will Smith and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The conversation starts innocently enough, as the panel discusses accents. But then, Reynolds brings up his nefarious pie smuggling.

In the interview, Reynolds comes clean about smuggling a "bunch" of pies across the border, supposedly for his wife, actress Blake Lively. Despite what Reynolds says, the law might be on the actor's side.

To date, the couple has been silent. Vancouver's best apple pie remains a mystery.

On Monday, one of our intrepid producers tried to track down the Vancouver pie shop. An extensive investigation led us to believe that the actor's pie of choice comes from Aphrodite's Organic Cafe and Pie Shop in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Kitsilano. It's the same 'hood where Reynolds went to high school. Coincidence? We think not.

When we called up the owner of Aphrodite's, Peggy Vogler told us why she thinks Reynolds' smuggled pies came from her shop. The proof? One of her line cooks says that they've seen the actor come into the store. We're almost convinced.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, if you're listening, it's time to fess up: who makes Vancouver's best apple pie?

In the meantime, here's Fats Waller with Eep Ipe Wanna Piece of Pie.


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