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As It Happens, Monday Edition

Monday, January 18th, 2016
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Part One

Burkina Faso deaths
A Quebec town mourns the deaths of six people who went to Burkina Faso to do humanitarian work — and were killed in a terrorist attack at a café in Ougadougou. 

Slave book pulled
A children's book is pulled by its publisher, after a public outcry over its depiction of George Washington's chef — a slave — joyfully preparing the first president's birthday cake. 

Rhode Island scandal 
The odd story of a Rhode Island official who's resigned after dressing a middle-aged man as an elderly woman, complete with wig, for a photo op. 

Part Two

Madaya update
People are starving to death in the Syrian city of Madaya — and an International Red Cross worker says much more needs to be done to help. 

Tennis match fixing 
We'll speak to a former British detective who uncovered allegations of match-fixing in professional tennis — but says the sport's governing body refused to act on his report.

Part Three

Calais camp
French authorities bulldoze a section of the refugee camp in Calais — and aid workers struggle to relocate people pushed out of their makeshift community. 

Windsor man charged
A Windsor, Ontario man has been held in Abu Dhabi for a year-and-a-half without charge — but today, that finally changed. For the worse. 

Nail salon worker 
A salon worker in Winnipeg says that it's long overdue that officials start taking a closer look at the conditions, and the treatment of workers in the city's nail salons.