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Student journalist flushes out story on two-tiered toilet paper on campus

Laura Woodward found that administration offices at Ryerson University in Toronto were getting two-ply, while lowly students had to make do with one-ply.
Student journalist Laura Woodward. left, broke the story about some areas of campus getting one-ply toilet paper while others - including university administrators - got two-ply. (Laura Woodward / Eyeopener)

Student journalist Laura Woodward has discovered a two-tiered system for toilet paper at Ryerson University. 

"I found out that only top execs are getting two-ply toilet paper," Woodward tells As It Happens co-host Carol Off. "These are faculties like the President's office, and the Vice-Provost of Innovation office." 

It took her about a year to find the truth. Woodward (no relation to Watergate's Bob Woodward) is in her third year of school.

"I went to every bathroom at Ryerson trying to find the two-ply," she says. "I called every toilet paper distributor in Toronto."

This info-graphic appeared alongside Woodward's story in the latest edition of the Eyeopener. (The Eyeopener )

Her article was eventually featured on the cover of Ryerson University's student paper, the Eyeopener

In an e-mail to the Toronto Star, Ryerson University spokesperson Michael Forbes said, "Switching the entire university to two-ply is under consideration."

Even though Woodward is getting credit for her dogged journalistic investigation, she admits spending so much time uncovering the toilet paper story might be a sign.

"Yeah, I definitely need a hobby or a past-time or some new friends...I think I just get passionate about journalism even if it's about two-ply toilet paper."


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