As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, November 2nd 2015

Part One

Russia plane crash
Russian airline officials say an "external impact" is the "only possible explanation for a plane crash that killed 224 people -- but our guest says such conjecture is premature. 

Fukushima threats
A Canadian scientist just wanted to share the good news that the Fukushima accident posed no risk to North America; then his critics went into meltdown. 

Ryerson toilet paper
A Ryerson University journalist discovers that school administrators are getting two-ply toilet paper -- while students are subjected to mere one-ply. 

Part Two

Paternity test
After conceiving through in vitro fertilization, a Washington state couple gets a paternity test -- and finds that their newborn's dad is someone who was never born. 

Lovers painting 
You would expect a painting called "My Wife's Lovers" to be provocative, or shocking. You would not expect it to be adorable. But it is -- because the giant canvas is filled with lolling, majestic cats. 

Part Three

Turkish election
When you position yourself as the only person to keep your country from chaos, you run the risk of being melodramatic. But voters in Turkey didn't think so -- and as a result, they've handed President Erdogan a majority. 

BC man survives ocean
There's nothing quite like the moonlit ocean in the wee hours. Which is what a B.C. man thought last week, as he clung to two empty gasoline cans, after his boat hit some rocks, and he was thrown overboard.

Sex change tree 
The oldest tree in Britain was always thought to be a male pollinator. But this ancient yew is branching out. We speak to the botanist who recently discovered berries on the tree, which would suggest a mysterious sex change.