As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, August 3rd 2015

Part One

Obama on climate
Baraka Obama aims to curtail climate change by cutting power plant emissions and one clean energy advocate says that, given the clout of the carbon producers, it's about as far as the president could go. 

Cerebral palsy
Canadian researchers confound doctors with the discovery of evidence that genetic anomalies might be the source of at least some cases of cerebral palsy. 

Prosthetic leg found
More than a week after losing his artificial leg in a water ski accident, a Quebec man prepares to salute the divers who brought it back from the deep.

Part Two

Mexico City journalist
Mexico City was supposed to be a haven for provincial journalist Ruben Espinosa. Now his murder has Mexicans asking whether no place is safe for those who speak truth to power.

Milton farmer
A farmer in Milton, Ontario is scratching her head after local government mistakenly chops down a hundred of her trees -- for the second year in a row.