As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, May 11, 2015

Part One

Tape: Kevin Vickers addresses Mt. Allison University grads
Former House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers recalls the moment he brought down Michael Zehaf Bibeau, and his prayers in the days that followed. 

Fahmy lawsuit
Mohamed Fahmy sues his former employers at Al-Jazeera saying the broadcaster's politics kept him locked inside an Egyptian jail. 

Barbara Turnbull obit
From tragedy to triumph: we remember groundbreaking journalist Barbara Turnbull, who died over the weekend. 

Part Two

European Union migrant plan
As the E-U struggles to staunch the flow of refugees from across the sea, we hear from a Swedish M-E-P who says it's time for a European-wide welcome plan. 

Detroit Writer-in-Residence
Casey Rocheteau scribbles her way into a new Detroit writing program that offers authors, not just a temporary pad, but full ownership of an entire house.   

New Quebec 'foodie' term 
Quebec's language cops order the fashionable English word "foodie" cut from the provincial lexicon but one Montreal chef is already sharpening his tongue. 

Part Three

South Sudan fighting: MSF
Doctors Without Borders/MSF is forced to flee an area of South Sudan due to heavy fighting, leaving hundreds and thousands of needy civilians vulnerable and exposed.

Wallenda stolen trailer
Thieves take off with trailer full of the Flying Wallenda's circus gear, leaving the dare-devils walking, way up high, in nothing more than socked feet.

Swedish language revived
A small Swedish town hopes to keep their rare Nordic language alive by having their elementary school teach it to its pupils.