As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, May 4, 2015

Part One

Texas shooting
In Texas, a contest awarding the best cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad ends with two gunmen dead -- and the local imam grieving, and frustrated. 

Ontario sex-ed curriculum
An Ontario mother explains why she kept her child home from school today, to protest against the province's new sex-education curriculum. 

Samantha Bee on leaving "The Daily Show"
Samantha Bee shares why it was time to leave "The Daily Show", what's next -- and reveals a sordid parallel career smuggling Montreal smoked meat. 

Part Two

Kahnawake protest
"Marry Out -- Get Out!" That's the text of a threatening sign left at the house of a mixed couple living in Kahnawake, Quebec -- she's not Mohawk and he is and that's grounds for eviction from the community.  

Trudeau rolls out platform
The Liberals' newly-unveiled platform aims to help the middle class in a totally different way from the Conservative and NDP plans to do the exact same thing. 

Part Three

Gupta in Nepal
Sanjay Gupta is a doctor. He's also a CNN correspondent. Both of those things are fine on their own -- but when he actually performs surgery on camera for CNN in Nepal, our guest believes Dr. Gupta has gone too far. 

Herbivore study
The world's large herbivores are declining in numbers, or going extinct entirely -- and humans are responsible, for all kinds of reasons. 

Gaza report
Dozens of Israeli soldiers who took part in last summer's military operation in Gaza say that by following orders they found themselves repeatedly crossing ethical -- and perhaps even legal -- boundaries.