As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, April 27, 2015

Part One

Sherpa earthquake Nepal
Four days ago, Karma Sherpa could relax at home in Kathmandu. Now, after a powerful earthquake, he's one of hundreds of survivors living in a makeshift tent city in the ruined capital. 

Nepal quake study
The death toll has climbed past 4,000, and the damage across Nepal is staggering. But our guest -- a French tectonics expert -- predicted a quake in the exact location where it happened on Saturday. 

PEN: Charlie Hebdo
Je ne suis pas Charlie. This year, the literary advocacy organization PEN American Center will honour Charlie Hebdo at its gala -- but six prominent authors announce they're refusing to attend. 

Part Two

Tulsa undersherriff resignation
Weeks after a Tulsa volunteer deputy named Robert Bates killed an unarmed black man, the city's undersheriff is forced to resign for impeding an investigation. 

Sweeney Todd show
With almost no warning, an unrehearsed singer is asked to fly from Toronto to Vancouver to step in for the "demon barber" in a Vancouver production of "Sweeney Todd" -- and delivers a razor-sharp performance. 

Part Three

Sabeen Mahmud: friend
Sabeen Mahmud had her own café in Karachi, where she hosted debates and discussions. On Friday, the human-rights activists was leaving one of those discussions, when she was attacked and killed. Fahad Desmukh was a close friend of Ms. Mahmud's

Homeless slayings
Two homeless men were murdered within four hours in Winnipeg on the weekend -- just blocks from a local shelter. The deputy director of that shelter tells us how she, and her clients, are responding.

Bridge as sport
The English Bridge Union makes some progress in having the card game declared an actual sport -- albeit one during which you can eat digestive cookies.