As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, April 20, 2015

Part One

Migrant deaths
As Europe struggles to cope with an influx of migrants by sea, we'll go to Catania, Italy -- where fewer than thirty people survived the capsizing of a ship in the Mediterranean that killed as many as one-thousand men, women and children.

Holocaust trial
Oscar Groening admits he worked at Auschwitz. And although he says he committed no crimes, he's going to trial in Germany tomorrow, for three hundred thousand counts of accessory to murder. 

Women and chess
British grandmaster Nigel Short announces that men's brains are "hardwired" to make them better than women at chess. 

Part Two

Friendly fire investigation
The confusion around who, exactly, is investigating the friendly-fire death of a Canadian soldier in Iraq continues -- and tonight, one reporter tells the story of his own frustrated attempts to get the truth.  

Norway FM radio to end
Some things are about quality and  frequency -- as Norway proves, by becoming the first country in the world to announce an end to FM radio transmission. 

Part Three

Feature interview with author Toni Morrison
The book is set in the present -- but Toni Morrison's new novel, like her other novels, is about the past. And in the case of this book, "God Help The Child", each character has to overcome a traumatic childhood to finally become whole. Carol's feature interview with Toni Morrison covers the book, the state of the United States, and what the presidency of Barack Obama has revealed about the country he leads.