As It Happens

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, March 2, 2015

Part One

Bob Martin on Fenwick MacIntosh sentencing
Forty years ago, Bob Martin was sexually abused by Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh in Nova Scotia -- but his dogged determination helped put Mr. MacIntosh in prison in Nepal. 

Vince Li follow-up
Last week, cabinet minister Shelly Glover told us those found "not criminally responsible" for violence belong in prison -- and tonight, a man whose own brother killed their mother tells us why he disagrees

Whisky waste biofuel
A Scottish company discovers how to convert the waste from whisky production into fuel -- and your car won't just thank you, it'll totally love you, and then pass out in the garage. 

Part Two

Tamir Rice: latest
Last year, twelve-year-old Tamir Rice was killed by police while holding a fake gun; now, the city of Cleveland has said who is at fault: Tamir Rice himself. 

Everest follow-up
For thousands of students of Ontario's Everest College -- which closed abruptly last month -- school's out for the foreseeable future; we'll find out how one former student is coping.  

RBC Taylor Award winner
When you're cleaning out your late parents' enormous house, you get to thinking. And in rare cases, you get to writing. And in even rarer cases, that writing is "an absorbing memoir of grief, growth, and decluttering". Rarest case of all: you win the Charles Taylor Prize for Non-Fiction. All of which Toronto author Plum Johnson has managed to do. 

Part Three

Dalhousie dentistry program: latest
Dalhousie dentistry students issue an open letter appealing for faith in the restorative justice process, but the chair of the task force investigating the school says many on campus are still vehemently opposed to it.

Simple spelling English
They're through with the roughness of trying to spell English words. Why a British group is organizing a conference that aims to simplify the trickiness of English spelling.