As It Happens

As it Happens: Monday Edition

As it Happens: February 23, 2015

Part One

Maid abuse lawsuit
She was accused of human trafficking and cruelty involving her housekeeper -- and now, two years after her acquittal, a BC woman is suing for wrongful prosecution. 

Baher Mohamed
Today, the retrial of Al Jazeera journalist Baher Mohamed, and his colleague Mohamed Fahmy, was postponed in Egypt -- and tonight, Baher will tell us how he's surviving the neverending ordeal. 

Oscar-winning "Whiplash" sound mixer
"Whiplash" is a movie about an abusive teacher and a jazz drummer -- and last night, Canadian Craig Mann won an Oscar for his work mixing the sounds of their strife. 

Part Two

Climate change denier story
Willie Soon was one of the most prominent scientists to deny climate change is caused by humans -- but now it turns out that his conclusions were caused by extremely wealthy humans in the oil-and-gas sector.  

Fake Jim Carrey
The weird story of how the Czech Republic's biggest film awards gala was duped into believing Jim Carrey would be making an appearance -- before a guy came onstage who just looked sort of like him.  

Part Three

Press gallery harassment
Some think it's an attack on freedom of the press. Which is odd, because it's coming from the press. The president of the Parliamentary Press Gallery explains why she doesn't think her proposal to change the gallery's rules is, as it's been called, "fascist."

Tangled whale rescue
How do you disentangle a 40-tonne whale from a great length of fishing line? With great care, obviously -- but for a more specific "how to" description, we ask the guy who did the disentangling.