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As It Happens: Friday Full Episode

Friday, April 13, 2018
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Part One

Stranded Syrian: follow-up
Hassan al-Kontar of Syria has been stuck at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for more than a month.

Trans Mountain Pipeline: First Nations opposition
The guest list at this weekend's big Trans Mountain summit includes the PM and two Premiers -- and one of the pipeline's First Nations opponents isn't surprised he didn't get an invite. 

Newfoundland car accident
After losing control of his car, an 87-year-old Newfoundland man gets stuck in a ravine -- and two days after he found himself in that predicament, someone else finally found him. 

Part Two

New Brunswick earthquakes
After a respite that lasted two years, the town of McAdam, New Brunswick is rattled by the return of a so-called "earthquake swarms" -- and no one knows exactly why. 

Old playbills
It looked like it was curtains for hundreds of old theatre playbills -- but now, thanks to an enormous restoration project in New York, the future of those ancient cast lists is no longer cast in doubt. 

Part Three

Retirement home death
Last year Roy Gillett died in his Toronto retirement home. No one discovered his body until days later. Now, his family wants to know how such a thing could have happened. His son Ricky tells us what kind of answers he's after. 

Hungary election
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has shared his core values. Now, members of European Parliament say those core values -- including his anti-migrant stance -- aren't the values of the EU. We'll hear more about what Mr. Orban's landslide victory means for his country -- and for Europe. 

Irish nudist
Pat Gallagher of the Irish Naturist Association welcomes the opportunity to bare it all at the country's first officially-recognized nude beach.

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